Which of our offerings is best for you??

Private Sessions

Why book a private?  In a private session, the lesson is designed just for your body for that day!  You will work one on one with your instructor to get the most out of your session and perform every exercise with the Pilates principles of Precision, Control, Concentration, Centering, Breath, and Flow.  You will have access to hundreds of exercises on a variety of Pilates equipment to assist or challenge your every move! Perfect for the beginner all the way to the most advanced students!

10% discounts available for Gold and Bronze members!

Duet Sessions

Enjoy working out with a friend? Spouse?  Want a more affordable option for accessing the Pilates equipment?  Our certified instructors know how to teach with modifications and building blocks so that even the most advanced client can be challenged next to a novice.  So grab a friend ,or let us know if you need a partner, and sign up for a duet!

10% discounts available for Gold and Bronze members!

Trio Sessions

Three is company, not a crowd, at Powerhouse Pilates!  In a trio, you will have the support of a small group along with the individual attention of a certified instructor.  It’s a cost effective way to fit Pilates into your routine multiple times per week.  You can book your session with 2 other clients of your choice or let us find you a trio and make some new Pilates friends!

10% discounts available for Gold and Bronze members!

Powerhouse Mat

Small group mat only classes.  A great addition to your equipment sessions or as a stand alone option. Your own body  and gravity provide the resistance, your small group offers the support you need, and a qualified instructor gives you the same guidance you would expect in a private session.

Max of 6 students
UNLIMITED classes included in Gold, Silver, and Bronze memberships for as little as under $1.60/class!

NEW!!  Pilates Express 30 minute Studio Sessions 

Reform Your Body - The reformer, the most popular piece of Pilates equipment and one of Joseph Pilates' original inventions, offers a full body workout with the challenge and assistance of spring resistance.  Classes begin with the body on a horizontal plane to relieve stress and strain on the joints and to align the body, and they progress through a classical order of exercises that allow you to experience the gravitational shift in seated and standing positions.  This full body workout will challenge your stretch, strength, stability, and stamina.  With over 100 original exercises and many variations of each one, you will never get bored!

Dare to Chair - Think chairs are for relaxing?  Not at Powerhouse Pilates!  One could argue that of all the pieces of Pilates apparatus, the chair offers the most athletic challenges. It is an ideal place for clients of all levels to build upper-body and leg strength, maintain stability in the pelvis and shoulder girdle, develop coordination and balance, and of course, work the Powerhouse. Most chair exercises are performed while sitting or standing to improve leg power and core strength with ideal biomechanics for functional and athletic training.

Half Hour Power Tower - Tower classes are based on the Pilates matwork but add springs and bars to increase resistance which challenges and strengthens but also supports the body to ensure proper stabilization and positioning. In this total body workout, extremities are stretched and toned at the same time the core is challenged. Come see how the apparatus helps you to go deeper into the Powerhouse to gain more strength and stretch and enhance your regular mat workout.

New clients receive a  free pair of Toe Sox!

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To schedule all other appointments, email kboucher@nrglab.com or call 781-249-9038